Should You Run From Jesus Always?

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.Steve is the author of:

  • RUN! It's Jesus Calling
  • Should You RUN From Jesus Always?
  • Sarah Young's Jesus Always Devotional EXPOSED!
  • Happy Are The... (Discovering Joy In The Beatitudes)
  • The Presence of God: A Commentary on the Book of Esther
  • Did God Really Say? (A response to humanist's accusations against the Bible)
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Steve has produced the following DVDs:

  • Men & Dinosaurs (English & Russian)
  • The Age of The Earth
  • Evolution: Words Have Meaning
  • EVOLUTION: The Hidden Agenda
  • How To Share Your Testimony (English & Russian)
  • Diablo Mountain (English & Russian)
  • Should You RUN From Jesus Always?

Steve's videos are also available on YouTube.
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Steve is currently the pastor of Cannon Beach Bible Church

Cannon Beach Bible Church is a new church plant in Cannon Beach, Oregon. In addition to being a conservative, Bible-based church, the church is building a creation museum in it's existing facility.


The photo to the right is Steve with his grandson Cord.

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