Should You Run From Jesus Always?


Well-Researched And Helpful, Thank you.

Incoming Jesus Calling EmailThank you so much for taking the time to write this well-researched and helpful book sent to me by a pastor friend. It is so helpful in identifying the grievous errors in "Jesus Calling."

I was sent this book several years ago by a Christian friend. I picked it up and knew almost immediately it was not something I wanted to continue to read. As a child, I was raised with occultic influences in my life such as "table tipping" (contacting dear deceased departed relatives), horoscopes cast, fortune telling, poltergeists, belief in reincarnation, etc.

I also was raised as a Roman Catholic but because I knew nothing of scripture, the occultic background I grew up with seemed very "normal" and I thought everyone was raised like I was. I became a Christian at 26, and intuitively knew I needed to burn all my new age books, like ones by Jean Dixon, guru Paramahansa Yogananda, etc. I think because of that, I have always been sensitive to knowing when something was off or deceptive.

Since I received the book several years ago, I have run across three other Christian friends who embraced this book, and one of them even gave it to her minister friend who saw nothing wrong with it. It is so frustrating when even ministers of the Word don't see anything wrong with this book. I want to send it to my friend who gave me the book, but not before I take down some excellent points about how the Jesus of this book is not the Jesus of the bible.

Thank you so much,
God bless you for your ministry,

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