Should You Run From Jesus Always?


Eat The Meat And Pit Out The Bones

Incoming Jesus Calling EmailGosh, I don't think you need to be so harsh. Yes, we need to be vigilant about every extra-biblical source (including your own, for that matter as well as the authors whom you quote).

My sense is that "Jesus Calling" is intended for those who already have committed their lives to Him for salvation. In that context, I believe it is helpful for one to be able to focus on our Lord, to relax and to open up to Him in our daily existence. Just like anything else with this book one must "eat the meat and spit out the bones" and it doesn't necessarily mean that her book needs to be discarded completely.

I don't see it as all "feel good" philosophy-- there are plenty of instances of warnings against departing from the true path. In my experience, Jesus is indeed our All in All, the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is our call and our redemption to draw close to Him, bask in His presence, bring everything to His scrutiny and to obey Him in all things.


The following is the response I sent to Ella....

Hi Ella:

Thank you for your comments. And thank you for reading my book. I very much appreciate your taking the time to write.

Your analogy of "eat the meat and spit out the bones" is a good one. Every human writer is fallen and thus not perfect. There will be “bones.” That's why the Berans were commended for searching the scripture to be sure what Paul was teaching was in accordance with scripture. But this also means “spitting out the bones” requires diligence, study, discernment, spiritual maturity, and it takes time.

But, the analogy does not go far enough. There are more than just meat and bones in Jesus Calling. What do you do with the poison? I just had pot roast with a wonderful gravy this evening. No bones at all. But, what if my wife used the same spoon to stir the pot roast as she had used to measure out rat poison earlier in the day. (Without cleaning it.) Would I have eaten the pot roast? After all, there would not be that much rat poison in it. Would you eat it? Although I knew it would be very tasty, I'd throw that batch of pot roast down the disposal.

That's the problem with Jesus Calling. It's not the bones... it's the poison... and there is a lot of it. Keep in mind, false teaching is always hidden and camouflaged by some truth. But just because there is some truth, that does not mean the book is one a Christian should read.

My wife's pot roast looked good, smelled good, and probably tasted really good. But, knowing there is rat poison in it, should I eat it? No! And I'm hoping you would not want to either physically, or spiritually, eat poison.

So I have a question: Is there anything that is not Biblical in the book I wrote? As you said, and I agree, my book should also be put to the test. And I appreciate when people do that.

I'm sorry for writing so much, but one final thought. If someone were to write a book about how to be a TV talk show host... and they had 365 pages of helpful advice... and they wrote it as though Oprah was speaking it (but she hadn't)... what would happen? That author would get sued by Oprah so fast their head would spin. And they'd lose. You can't use Oprah's name that way. So why does Sarah Young feel she can use Jesus' name... God's name... the name of the almighty creator of the universe that way? Certainly God deserves more respect than Oprah or any human does.

Thank you for writing, and for reading my book,

Note to the above... no my wife is not looking to collect on my life insurance. I did not do a good job wording that sentence, but I hope you get the point. To eat food that has just "a little" rat poison is foolish. We'd never do that. So does it not make sense to protect your spiritual life as well as your physical life? Why eat spiritual poison? Oh... and by the way, my wife did make a truly wonderful tasting pot roast that evening. Thank you honey!!!

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